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Fuel Your Soul

Why balls?
Because we're bored with bars... and balls are WAY more fun! Fuel Your Soul energy balls (formally under the name Good JuJu energy balls) are a quick, high protein, low-sugar, grab-and-go snack that offer wholesome nutrition in every bite.

How they're made
Our balls are made from organic ingredients and rolled by hand in small batches for tip top quality. They are non-GMO and free of soy, dairy, and gluten.
When to eat them

A single ball is large enough to take the edge off and small enough to not ruin your next meal - unless you eat them for a meal, as some do! We recommend pairing with a morning juice, tea, coffee... after a workout, before a boring meeting, between meal pick me up, or if you're me... I like a sunny seed w/ chamomile before I shut out the lights.

How they come

7 balls come in a convenient and compostable pack, you're good to go for the week (or a day!). FYS balls have no preservatives, it's living goodness each with their own unique superfood(s). They are good for 5 days on your counter/desk/gym bag or 5 weeks in your fridge -- though few to none ever resist them for that length of time.