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Gunilla of Sweden Organic Skin Care

Gunilla of Sweden® has specialized in acne for over 30 years with our LEROSETT® organic acne line. Acne is what we do. Most people with acne have already tried several acne brands and know they don’t work for long, if at all. That's usually because when you look at the main ingredient and the active ingredient, most all brands are the same. The first ingredient is water, that's a filler and it's either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. LEROSETT® products stand apart in function, the method of use, and primarily ingredients compared to common acne products.

The LEROSETT® Clay treatment or our acne systems clear the skin by removing clogs, cutting oil production and healing the skin. We only use our special hydroponic aloe or our proprietary micronized clay as main ingredients.